Starr Syndicate

Starr Syndicate is a Star Citizen organisation operated by members of the StarrStreams community. Starr Syndicate is divided into three squadrons.

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- Grizzly Squadron -

Grizzly Squadron Starr Syndicate

Grizzly Squadron is dedicated to assisting other players in becoming successful Star Citizens. Whether you're a newcomer to the verse or a seasoned veteran of Arena Commander, Grizzlies lead the way in service and support!

Grizzlies support the fliers and operators of Starr Syndicate with a fierceness that rivals Viper Squadron's bravery and Delta Squadron's tenacity. If you require fuel, our stable has a number of Starfarers available. Beans and bullets? Grizzly Squadron regularly visits all of the top treasure locations and is ready to share with org members in need. Medical assistance is nearby, and dust-off is prepared.

Finally, Grizzly Squadron's mining fleet is unrivalled. Whether you've just purchased your first ROC, are starting out in a leased Prospector, or want to crew a MOLE, the Grizzlies will assist you in overcoming the difficulties that prevent you from making the significant money.

- Viper Squadron -

Grizzly Squadron Starr Syndicate

As additional game elements such as salvage, cargo refactoring, and server meshing roll out, the verse will become a more perilous place to engage in legal non-combat game loops. To aid our org's economic interests, we have established a unit of players dedicated solely to air combat.

We will defend our interests with formidable force in all elements of PVE and PVP. To keep things fun and avoid any regulated "Mil-Sim" play, there are no ranks and only the bare minimum of command structure will be administered. Enrolment in Viper Squadron is open to all players, regardless of ability or commitment level, however PVP ship combat should be their primary focus.

- Delta Squadron -

Grizzly Squadron Starr Syndicate

Delta Squadron is an FPS ground support unit that assists Starr Syndicate members who are in distress and require aid in any ground combat situation. 

Regular practice will be held in bunkers and other areas. These practice sessions are limited to a number of players, and general techniques such as communications, backup, rescue, and identification of targets.

Delta Squad members are to become familiar with all aspects of ground assault equipment. Melee, knives, handguns, close-range guns, long-range guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, grenades and launchers, rail guns and missile launchers.

Membership Requirements

Are you still interested in joining us? That's fantastic! But there is one caveat:

  • To be considered, you must be an active/respected member of Our Discord Community. So, if you haven't already, Join us on Discord and start interacting. Participate in existing voice chats or start your own maybe.

Great! So, now that you're an active, fully involved, and respected member of Our Discord Community, you'll need to complete the following:

  1. Visit our RSI org page.
  2. Smash that Join us now! button.
  3. Make sure you mention your Discord name and Squadron preference in your application so that we can sync you up.
  4. Give us a few days to process your application.

So you're now a member. Congratulations! Your Discord name will be allocated to a Squadron, and a display badge will be assigned to you. You'll obtain access to our Starr Syndicate channel and will be able to swap Squadrons at any moment by pressing a button. Welcome to the world of Starr Syndicate, friend; we hope you have a good time with us. Thank you for being a member of our community.