Star Citizen Valk Down

Welcome to our Star Citizen Valk Down page. We regularly host this event with our Discord community and stream it live to our YouTube channel.

An Anvil Carrack intent on capturing a military Anvil Valkyrie with very sensitive security data stored on its computer is pursuing the ship beyond enemy lines. The Valkyrie was severely damaged during the chase and is forced to crash land in an open area. The crew is obliged to protect the ship and its crucial security data until a wipe of the data can be achieved.

This is a classic capture the flag game loop with intense ground combat. Everybody is urged to set their respawn on board the Carrack before play and bring several sets of armour / guns etc with them to store.

Team Valk

The military team on board the downed Valk must guard the ship in every way possible until the security data on board is completely erased from the ship's computer. A timer will be used to represent the wipe. It's recommended that Team Valk choose a communications leader who sits and enters third person to get a 360-degree "camera" vision outside the ship to aid colleagues in recognising and handling oncoming threats. This encourages team play and cooperation. Team Valk players have just one life. If killed, they are no longer active for the duration of the game.

Team Carrack

The military squad aboard the Carrack must seize complete control of the downed Valk before the countdown runs out and the security data is wiped. Team Carrack players must only approach the Valk by foot, no ground vehicles may be used. Team Carrack players have an infinite number of lives and can respawn if they are killed.


When the security data is wiped, Team Valk wins. This occurs when:

  • At least one Valk player survives the timer on board the Valk.
  • The timer expires, and no one from Team Carrack is on the Valk.

When the wipe is aborted, Team Carrack wins. This occurs when:

  • There is at least one Team Carrack player on the Valk, but no Team Valk member is there to defend.