Star Citizen Murder Mystery

Welcome to our Star Citizen Murder Mystery page. We regularly host this event with our Discord community and stream it live to our YouTube channel.

Star Citizen Murder Mystery Event

There are two variations of this event which are Murder on the Origin Express and Killer at the Kareah. In most cases, the same rules apply, but please refer to the final paragraph for tweaks to the Kareah gameplay.

1. Getting Involved

Those who wish to participate must be active in our Discord community.

Seven participants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis ahead of time. Each successful applicant will be assigned a distinct colour. Throughout the event, this colour will be used as a consistent visual identifier.

The participant colours are:

  • Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Red
  • Imperial Purple
  • Olive Grey
  • Sienna Orange
  • White

2. Advanced Preparation

All participants are expected to do the following in advance:

  • Read and understand the event rules.
  • Ensure that they have a clear sounding microphone.
  • Understand what their assigned colour is.
  • Hold a basic awareness of the 890J layout.

Here is the layout of the 890J ship for reference:

3. Joining the Event

All participants must be logged into both the Star Citizen main menu and the Discord voice channel at the beginning of the event. An in-game party invite will be issued to all.

Once the party invitation is issued and everybody is logged into the server, all participants must immediately make their way to the hosts location, who will be on board the Origin 890 Jump, located somewhere in deep space.

The 890 Jump will be accessible 30 minutes before the event and will be located close to ARC-L1 space station (Stanton).

4. Role Play Enabled

From this point, all participants may choose to become a character although this is not mandatory. Your role-playing character should be compatible with the rich and powerful party narrative.

Maybe your character has a rags-to-riches past, or maybe he or she is a senior well respected military officer. A member of a royal family perhaps? A politician? The traits of your role-playing character will influence how you play the game. An assertive personality, for example, may take command of debates. A bubbly character may try to soothe a tense situation.

5. Arrival & Boarding

All guests are asked to park their ships adjacent to the 890 Jump and EVA over. Guests will be able to access their event items in crates which will be provided.

Inside the crates will be the following:

Guests must change into the above-mentioned event attire and deposit all non-event belongings into local inventory. Additional spare stock of all event items are available from the crates where required. Please note, shoes and gun attachments are no longer permitted. These have been removed to help balance the game.

Once dressed appropriately, guests are asked to:

  • Set their respawn at the Med Bay (Orlop deck).
  • Make their way to the Bar (Lower deck).
  • Sit at the bar until the event begins.

5. A Murderer is Picked!

While participants wait at the bar, the in-game party will be disbanded (if active) and a moderator will randomly contact one of the participants via Discord direct message to inform them that they are the selected murderer. This message must be acknowledged by the murderer privately by return. Only the moderator and the murderer may know who the murderer is.

The moderator will make a generally vague public voice announcement to all of the guests on board the 890J. This will signal that the murderer has acknowledged selection and that the game is ready to begin.

6. The Game Begins

The host will ask guests to search the ship [a reason will be given]. From there, all guests must immediately begin searching the ship.

All guests must follow these rules whilst searching:

  • A room can only have two guests in it at any given time.
  • Everyone must keep moving around the ship.
  • Guests must keep their eyes alert for a dead body.
  • All guests must carry their pistol at all times.
  • Innocent guests must never fire their pistol.
  • If a guest is shot, but survives, the round continues.
  • If a guest is incapacitated they must await discovery.

If killed, a guest must:

  • Stay in the med bay until your body is discovered.
  • Notify the moderator that you've died immediately.

The murderer must:

  • Kill only one guest each round.
  • Make the kill as soon as possible.
  • Avoid being identified as the murderer.
  • If spotted, have a defence story prepared.

7. Reporting a Body

Only when a body is discovered can the round end. If the round is lasting longer than expected, the ships crew may also participate in the search. After a period of time, the moderator will announce that a murder has been committed.

When a body is discovered, the guest who found it, or the killer pretending to find it, may speak on the Discord voice channel in order to report the body and its location.

The corpse will be moved to a designated "morgue" site, but only once the death has been confirmed and the host has recovered the clothing and pistol from the body. All remaining guests must promptly make their way to the Conference Room. The most recent murder victim may also exit the Med Bay and join the rest of the guests in the Conference Room.

8. Murdered Guests

Star Citizen Murder Mystery

Murdered guests will become ghosts. They will be allowed to "float around" performing adhoc tasks as assigned by the host, such as healing other players during debates, moving dead bodies and even executing guests under order.

  • Ghosts must remain quiet until the end of the game.
  • Ghosts must remain in the Conference / Bar area.
  • Ghosts must wear a simple plain undersuit.

9. End of Round Debate

Now in the Conference Room, following discovery of a fresh corpse, the surviving guests may debate on who the culprit may be. Guests will have up to five minutes to talk about hypotheses, make arguments, point fingers, defend themselves, and so on.

Following the conclusion of this timed debate, the guests will be asked to vote one by one on who they believe is the prime suspect (if anyone). After all of the guests have voted, they must rename quiet, and the Moderator will poll the YouTube live chat to establish who they believe their prime suspect to be. This will form their single vote.

The voting will be tallied up and the guest with the most votes will be executed. In the event of a tie, all guests are sparred and a new round begins.

  • If the murderer is executed, the game is won.
  • If an innocent guest is executed, the murderer lives on and a new round begins (see Step 6).
  • If nobody is executed, a new round begins (see Step 6).

10. The Final Two

If the murderer makes it to the final two, the fate of both guests will be decided via YouTube live chat. Each guest will be given one minute to justify to the viewers why they are not the murderer.

After both guests have presented their cases to the audience, the viewers will vote on which guest is the prime suspect on YouTube live chat. The prime suspect chosen by YouTube live chat will be executed, guilty or innocent, and the moderator will reveal whether or not that guest was the murderer.

  • If the murderer is executed, the game is won.
  • If an innocent guest is executed, the murderer wins and the game is lost.

Known Bugs / Workarounds

  • During testing runs, we encountered the odd player invisibility glitch. This may be rectified by that player bed logging at the Med Bay prior to the start of a round. [RESOLVED]
  • For certain players, the bedroom doors on the 890J are slightly problematic. We currently have no fix for this.
  • It has been observed that, occasionally, a participant's body may vanish once they have been killed. As a work around, the victim should tell the moderator that they have been murdered. The moderator will wait for the corpse to be discovered for a set time before declaring, "There has been a murder!" [WORKAROUND]
  • Female characters will display different clothing visuals to Male characters. We ask that participants try to role play as male characters. Should the outfit not clash with others, we will continue as is. However, we may need to experiment with other clothing to avoid clashes. [WORKAROUND]

Event Items Sourced

The Origin 890 Jump should be well-stocked; nevertheless, when supply is short, we source event items from the following locations:

Kareah Variation

Our Murder Mystery may also be hosted at the Kareah Security Outpost with the following tweaks to game rules:

  • All clothing is replaced with coloured undersuits (no armour)
  • All weapons are allowed.
  • Ghosted players become outside security for the station.
  • Comm array must be disabled in advance.
  • A Docked Carrack or 890 Jump is used as the medbay respawn.