Minecraft Server

1. Basic Information

Game mode Survival
Difficulty Hard
Game version Java 1.18.2 Vanilla

Hello and welcome to the StarrStreams community's grief-protected, hard, survival Minecraft Java server, where everyone is invited to join for free and be a part of something special.

Some cool features:

  • You can teleport randomly until you locate an area you wish to settle in, then /sethome 'home name' and teleport to it with /home.
  • You may also use /spawn to return to our Octopus Spawn area.
  • We use a permission-based teleporting mechanism between players, so you may approve or refuse someone's request to teleport to you.
  • We incorporate land claiming so you can protect your territories from griefers; you start with 200 blocks and earn more as you play.
  • We have an economy system that makes use of in-game $currency. You may purchase and sell claim blocks, as well as trade stuff with other players by using signs.

2. Setting your home

How to set your home:

  1. Stand at the location you want to call home and enter the command /sethome YourHouseName
  2. To teleport back to your home, use command /homes YourHouseName
  3. To delete any of your homes, use command /delhome YourHouseName
Command Description
/sethome YourHouseName Set up to 3 named homes while standing in an area
/homes YourHouseName Teleport to a named home
/delhome YourHouseName Delete a name home

You are currently allowed to set 3 homes - perhaps you could have 1 home, 1 mine and 1 shop location?!

3. Land Claiming (Grief Prevention)

How it works:

You are awarded 200 Claim Blocks when you initially join our server. The more you play, the more blocks you get; for every hour you play, you earn 100 extra blocks. Your land claims are safe from griefers, and no one may build or destroy anything on your land. You have the option of granting others access to build on your claims. In our economic system, you may purchase and sell Claim Blocks.

How to claim land:

  1. Use any stick and right-click on a block to discover if it has been claimed.
  2. Take any golden shovel and right click to lay your first corner if the land is free.
  3. To claim a rectangle of land, right-click on an opposing corner.
  4. To modify the size, click on a corner and then on another block.
  5. You will be able to claim other areas if you have enough blocks.

Useful Commands:

Command Description
/claimlist To see your claim information, including coordinates
/abandonclaim Abandon the claim you are stood in
Abandon all claims (even if you're not stood in any)
/trust <player>
Gives another player permission to edit in your claim
/untrust <player>
Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.
Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds.
Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
Lists the permissions for the claim you’re standing in.
Converts server money to claim blocks.
Converts claim blocks to server money.

For full information and commands on Land Claiming, part of the Grief Prevention PlugIn, visit the Grief Prevention website

4. Teleporting

Useful Commands:

Command Description
/tpask <player> Request to teleport to the specified player
/tpaccept Accepts teleport requests
/tpdeny Denys teleport requests
Teleport to a random location
/spawn Teleport to the Octopus Spawn

5. Economy

How it Works:

When you first spawn into our server you start with $0. You can earn money by selling claim blocks or trading with other players. To trade with other players you either trade manually and send money using the /pay command or use signs.

Trade Signs:

Watch this helpful YouTube Tutorial on Trade Signs specifically, or view the entire Signs Tutorial here. Bare in mind we only allow Trade and Balance signs on our server.

Useful Commands:

Command Description
/balance States the current balance of a player
/balancetop Lists players by top balances
/pay <player> <$amount> Pays another player from your balance