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Welcome! Here, I'll go over everything you need to know about becoming a channel member, from what it entails to the benefits you can anticipate!

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What is YouTube Membership?

Running a YouTube channel and community can be time-consuming and costly. There are several expenses to consider, like Discord server boosting, premium bots, website hosting and domain, music licencing, and so on.

While it is never expected, we do provide a platform on our YouTube channel for anyone wishing to assist with the pay costs. We offer three channel membership tiers. Each tier functions similarly to a monthly subscription service, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, and as a channel member, you receive various benefits.

What are YouTube Channel memberships?

What do Members receive?

Members have access to exclusive content on YouTube and a VIP members-only channel on our Discord server. There are six unique loyalty badges available which go against a members username. Members gain access to one complimentary highlighted chat message every month as well as personalised hand-made emotes for use on both YouTube live streams and video comments.

Member Loyalty badges

Here is a full breakdown of our member loyalty badges which appear on our StarrStreams YouTube Channel live chat and comments next to a members username. These badges are available to all members regardless of tier.

Membership Badge - New Member New member
Membership Badge - After 1 month After 1 month
Membership Badge - After 2 months After 2 months
Membership Badge - After 6 months After 6 months
Membership Badge - After 12 months After 12 months
Membership Badge - After 24 months After 24 months

Member Custom Emotes

(Adding here shortly...)

Membership Costs

There are three tiers which are:

YT Member [Dolivine] £2.99 / month
YT Member [Aphorite] £4.99 / month
YT Member [Hadanite] £8.99 / month

Although there are no extra advantages across these three tiers, we were asked to provide higher-value options for those wanting to contribute more. There are plans to add additional perks for the higher tiers in the future.